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Hello & Welcome to Dstreetwinners!

As I once tweeted; Stock Markets are not Casinos, and Trading is not Gambling. It takes everything: hard work, discipline, blood, sweat and tears, before one learns to survive and grow here. It is a hostile and ruthless battlefield. So what brings me, and keeps me motivated daily? Read more about me…..

I am Rachana Vaidya, Full Time Trader. I do my own research and I trade for myself since few years. I am also into Writing. I write on Stock Markets and Trading.

Education Background

I graduated in engineering (B.E. Mechanical) and post graduated in Finance (M.B.A Finance).

Work experience

I worked in the corporate world in various companies across sectors; including names like Amul Industries, Kotak Mahindra Bank and Reliance Industries.

Market Credentials

  • • I have cleared Certification for Research Analyst as required under SEBI Regulation 2007.
  • • Earlier; I had cleared certification examinations in Stock Market Operations from BSE.
  • • And Operations Module of Depository Participants from NSE.
  • • And Advisory Modules for Intermediaries from AMFI
  • • And Advisory Module for Intermediaries from IRDA.
  • • Have been studying and participating in markets since 2004.
  • • I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity of being mentored by the well-known Trader and Analyst on CNBC-TV18/CNBC AWAAZ – Mr. Ashwani Gujral. I have co-authored 3 books with him; and the details of my books can be read from “My Books” section on my website. I have also worked with him on the Technical Research and Presentation for his Technical Analysis Training n Workshop.
  • • I have also recently started writing for the Financial Business Newspaper from the Gujarat Samachar group called as Vyaapaar Samachar-newspaper + website. And I shall even write regularly for my own blog, starting soon.

Inclination towards Stock Market

I developed interest in the Stock Markets during post-graduation studies, and soon started participating in markets as an Active Investor. Ever since then; I would try my best to follow business news and stock markets every single day; by reading the business newspapers & magazines.

During weekends; I would often save articles from print media, and make my own scrap book from it, to preserve the interesting matter related to markets. Later on; despite being a part of the corporate world; I would often reach my office before time; so that I can spend some time on stock studies, before the office hours begin.

Despite being rated as a “Star Performer” in RIL, the desire to have my own professional set-up in area of interest, stayed at the top of my mind. I finally quit the job; I started giving complete time and attention, to stock markets. And thereafter, there was no looking back.

I often share my thoughts about markets on the social media through my Face-book page, Twitter and Tumblr account; all by the same name: @Dstreetwinners.

Markets can neither be predicted nor controlled; at least not by retail traders. As a trader; what best I can do is; trade the probabilities, and accept the outcome. Am I always accurate? No, I am not; neither do I need to be, nor that is possible. Do I fail? Yes I do, and I make sure to learn from it. Life’s a journey, I have come a long way, and there is a long way ahead as well. I am happy; as I go on crossing every milestone on the way. I am evolving and growing each day…& there is a lot to do ahead. I definitely didn’t come this far…..to only come, this far.

"Zindagi ki asli udaan abhi baki hai…
Zindagi ke kayi imtehaan abhi baki hai…
Abhi toh napi hai muthhi bhar zameen humne…
Abhi toh sara aasman baki hai"


Till date I have co-authored 3 books with Mr. Ashwani Gujral – the well-known Trader and Analyst on CNBC-TV18 and CNBC Awaaz

Book 1: How to Make Money in Intraday Trading

1) I was fortunate to get an opportunity to write the book: “How to Make Money in Intraday Trading” with him. Immense amount of progress happened; in terms of learning more and more about markets and trading, as I went on writing all the 14 chapters, under his able guidance. And thus bringing to you all; his strategies and his experience; in my words/ expressions, story-telling abilities and my market understanding/exposure. He had a very clear vision on how he wanted the book to pan out. He would not just teach me before I write; but would also ensure that I back-test each method; in order to ensure a smooth flow in my writing-which must exude both: conviction and confidence, coming from real market experience.

The book has been in the Top Sellers List on Amazon including being at Rank 1. And has been positively reviewed and recommended by CNBC AWAAZ as well. The readers too have been giving strongly positive review on the social media; about both; the writing style and the theory.

Book 2: Money Trading With Charts

2) I also got an opportunity to add a New Chapter in the latest edition of his earlier book: How to Make Money Trading with Charts. I wrote the Railway Line Chapter for that book; which happens to be the highlight of the latest edition.

This book too; has been in the top sellers list on Amazon.

Book 3: Trading the railway line theory

3) The third book shall be released soon; and I shall add details of it, once it releases.

Apart from these books, I have recently started writing for the business and finance website of Vyaapaar Samachar (www.vyaapaarsamachar.com) as well. That is the business daily initiative from the Gujarat Samachar group-owning the vey well known Gujarat Samachar newspaper and other many magazines and newspapers as well. Vyaapaar Samachar is their financial news website and they currently have e-paper. We may have their daily newspaper being circulated in print as well in very near future. I also write for my own blog on my site; and on medium.com

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